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The Biggest Auto Recycler
We are a Korean Leader of auto recycling industry.
Scrapping cars is not the end of life vehicle, but a starting point of rebirth of vehicle With high-leveled recycling rate, we create value on scrapped cars which was considered to have disappeared.
Global Recycling Company Represented of Korea
INSUN family started construction recycling business and has been led the market since then. Now our business is facing another step of growth in auto recycling business. With safe and swift dismantling technology, we are writing another history as a global environmental Company.
Adds Value on Scrapped Cars
From dismantling end of life vehicle to selling used cars and used spare parts as well as export of them, INSUN system is vertically integrated and industrializing the business with capital and system.

We are spearheading and pioneering the market as we have done in previous time. We are dreaming of global first company with continuous challenge and innovations. We believe then will be the dream of others.