Lithium & Metal Fire Extinguisher Mat
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Lithium & Metal Fire Extinguisher Mat
Extinguish battery fires easily and quickly
Put out the fire just by throwing the pad
Lithium battery fire accidents that happen frequently
Fire accidents occur frequently while charging electric scooters in homes and offices (Frequent News)
Property damage due to fire at the waste battery resource recycling center in Company S's factory (November 2020)
Fire during transport of waste batteries (December 2020)
ESS facility fires (about 30 cases in 2 years), frequent UPS fires
Batteries explode in many local plastic recycling and sorting workspaces, causing billions of dollars in property damage
Lithium battery is        
Widely used in home appliances such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, electric quick boards, bicycles, and vacuum cleaners.   Vulnerable to high temperature exposure, overcharge, overdischarge, high current discharge, physical damage, and fire exposure during manufacturing and transportation.   Fire suppression is difficult due to thermal runaway and re-ignition characteristics (fire spread as it is composed of cell-module-pack).
Composed of a dedicated fire extinguishing agent
Special fire extinguishing agent mixture
(primary fire extinguishing)
Porous Waste Glass Expanded Glass
(Secondary Fire Extinguishing)
carbon fiber
Eco-friendly, harmless to human body, safety certification
Reusable Class D fire extinguishing agent
Use of special fire extinguishing powder produced in Germany
  Country of origin : Germany
Weight : 285~315g/㎡
Thickness : 2.85 to 3.15㎜
Density : 0.1g/㎝ 3
Fireproof temperature : 1,000℃ max: 1,300℃)
Name   EX-PAD (Lithium & Metal Extinguisher Pad)
  Small/Medium Lithium/Metal Fire Suppression and Prevention of Spread
Material   (Outside) Non-combustible carbon fiber material, (Face) Flame-resistant cloth or similar material
Features   In case of fire or explosion accident, cover with basic/large/special EX-PAD to prevent primary fire extinguishing and fire spread
Apply   Melted at a specific temperature (about 650℃) to form an impermeable film layer (fire suppression and prevention of re-ignition)
Extinguishing agent
Heating Cell Fire
Fire caused by Propagation
Novec 1230
Water (sprinkler)
Expanded glass (Waste glass)
Solid aerosol
Product Type
Prepare for fires easily and conveniently