ESS/UPS Fire Prevention System
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EV Battery Storage Facility Fire Suppression Solution
With the spread of electric vehicles, batteries are stored after use in large-scale facilities.
As a high-voltage, high-risk product, it provides special fire prevention and fire suppression device solutions for safe storage.
Developed automatic fire extinguishing system through case and fire detectors (temperature, smoke) that can protect from external shocks.
ESS(UPS) Fire Suppression System
ESS(UPS) effective suppression in case of fire
ESS Rack 2nd row (W 1,210 x D 610 x H 2,210mm)
Equipped fire extinguishing medium for Lithium battery fire
Prevent fire spread and chemical scattering by fire shutters
Installation Period
Total 6 weeks
(2 weeks for detailed design / 4 weeks for manufacturing and installation)
System configuration
300 liters automatic fire extinguishing system 1 set
Detector (temperature, smoke) 1 set
Fire shutters and fire spread prevention walls
1 control unit
System Assembly Diagram
How it works