Removable Fire Suppression System
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Removable Battery Fire Suppression Container
Electric vehicle battery module, ESS fire, etc
Background of developing technology
Battery fires frequently occur in EV battery and ESS battery manufacturing facilities, charging and discharging laboratories, and battery reuse and recycling workspace
A general fire extinguisher and a lithium-only fire extinguisher are limited in fire suppression and prevention of spread
Extinguish fire with a removable container using porous inflatable glass that has proven the fire suppression effect of lithium batteries
Fire Suppression Procedure
Battery testing, charging/discharging, and regular installation and operation of fire suppression containers inside storage facility
If deflagration or fire occurs during charging and storage, cover the container with manpower at the beginning to extinguish the fire and minimize the occurrence of deflagration with expanded glass (prevention of diffusion)
After the fire is extinguished, the expanded glass is safely recovered and recycled
Special design for fire suppression that can be removed (patent application) - Optimal mixing design for fire extinguishing agents
Reusable extinguishing material
Immediate fire suppression in case of charging/discharging fire inside container (automatic fire extinguishing system can be installed if additional)
Deflagration/explosion outlet, fastening device to prevent vibration of fire extinguishing container
Protection system for safe absorption of electrolyte
Recommend to
Battery and ESS manufacturing facility
Battery Charge and Discharge Lab (Performance Evaluation Lab)
University laboratory
Mobile mobility manufacturing and charging/discharging facilities
Electric vehicle battery reuse and recycling facilities
Battery storage facilities, etc